Your passion:  The time when you took the form of a human, came to earth as Jesus Christ, and let yourself be tortured, shamed, and killed. Your passion was all for the end result of setting things right between you and those who choose to trust you completely.

You loved us so much that you willingly went through hell, just to have a living relationship with us.


Now I consider myself. I run away from most thoughts of pain and suffering. I try my best to avoid suffering. But sometimes, my suffering is your discipline.

I often do not get that. I think it’s because I did this, or didn’t do that. I don’t often stop to consider that you are shaping me into more of you, and sometimes, because I usually need to learn the hard way, your shaping hurts and is painful.

But I know this, I am passionate about living life with you. I am zealous about spending eternity with you.

So help me.

Examine me and reveal my issues to me. Show me where I need to repent. Make it clear to me where I need to change my thoughts, actions, or attitudes to become more pleasing to you.

I will do my best to turn from the things unholy and to run to your love and grace. Empower me with your Spirit to move this way.


Maybe God Could Have Used Me To Stop a Suicide

I met my friend Victoria last year. I saw this beautiful Kenyan girl in the mall with a baby in a stroller and went to ask her who styled her hair. We live in a town in Sweden where it’s impossible to find someone to style our Kenyan hair.

Maybe God Could Have Used Me To Stop a Suicide

We quickly became friends; speaking on the phone a lot.  She tried on numerous occasions to invite me to dinner, but I’d always say no and postpone it to a later date. I can vividly remember the number of times we tried to make arrangements to meet. These meetings never happened. I plan my time meticulously weeks ahead of time. Therefore, her impromptu calls to meet in an hour or so were of course turned down.

To be honest, there was also a part of me that did not want to hang out with Victoria because she drank too much. Parties with too much alcohol really weren’t my scene.

God, thank you for Carlie. She is so much more excellent than I ever imagined. Never in a million years did I think I would find a wife like her. You have blessed me with a woman after your own heart. Carlie is the object of my eye. She captivates me with her beauty and strength. She runs our household effectively and keeps our doors welcoming. She desires to see people come to a saving knowledge of you and uses her talents to bring others into your presence. Thank you for bringing Carlie into my life. Amen.

Men, what’s your prayer of gratitude for your wife?

Men – You Don’t Wanna Do It (Pornography & Adultery)

I love music. It has ways of communicating messages in ways that wouldn’t happen in other forms of communication. It helps make words memorable. It helps make messages stick in the mind.

You Don't Wanna Do It (Adultery & Pornography)

Lecrae has a new album. It is excellent. The messages and ideas he sends out in this album are deep and impactful. A message of his I want to emphasize is this: Men – You don’t wanna do it.

I want to take a minute to highlight a song, and yes, this is directed primarily towards men. (I thought this post was about pornography and adultery? It is, just trust me, but you need to listen to the song below and read the passages from Proverbs first.)

Help Yahoo Stand Against Child Pornography

Love 146

Love 146 is a charity I personally support. They exist to bring an end to child sex trafficking and exploitation.

Yahoo Stop Child Abuse Images

Here are the quick and short details of what I’m asking you to do:

- Go over to Love 146′s call to action for standing against child abuse images by clicking on the image or clicking here.
- Once you are there, read the short explanation, then sign the petition with your name and email.

These two simple steps may help stop child exploitation online, and may help stop people from having the ability to find child pornography through Yahoo’s search engine. It’d be a start to the solution.