How To Make Sure Your American Christianity Would Survive In Other Parts of the World

Be Filled with The Holy Spirit

Yesterday, we remembered those who’ve given their lives in service to America. We honored you and showed our appreciation for your sacrifice. Thank you. As we remember those who’ve suffered for our freedom, we should take a moment to remember and honor those who’ve suffered for our right to live with Christ. To those who have suffered for us to know Christ and to make him known, thank you. 

American Christianity Survive in Other Parts of the World

In a previous article, I asked a question: Would your Christianity survive in other parts of the world? Now, I’m asking (myself included) if your American Christianity would survive in other parts of the world?

This type of suffering isn’t necessarily losing our second job or having our car repossessed, as we would call a trial in America… Examining the examples of the early disciples, we see suffering leads to social outcasting or even physical death. That is the type of suffering we can expect as followers of Christ.

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Speak God Your Servant Hears Is Listening


Sometimes I pray and pray and pray and I don’t hear from you.

Well, really I tell you what I want and keep talking. Sometimes, I forget to listen. 

Honestly, my heart longs for a relationship with you. I want to converse with you, not talk to you.

So, thanks for showing me an example in Scripture. On occasion, I may not notice your voice. I may think it is something else, someone else, a passing thought, or coincidence. Help me tune into your voice.

Sometimes, I need to consult others to discover if I am truly hearing your leading, direction, and Spirit. So, break my pride to where I am more comfortable asking other trusted leaders and followers of your church about what I’m hearing you say.

Let me know your voice without a shadow of a doubt. Give me the confidence I need, to move in the directions I hear from you.

May I be humble, yet strong, in your presence. It all comes from taking time, in silence, and in chaos, to hear your voice.

So today, I sit and say, “speak God your servant hears.” I’m listening.

Thank you God. Amen.

A Lesson on Prayer from My Dog

Search Like Crazy! Respond Enthusiastically!

Our Border Collie, Dixie, likes to play hide and seek. You can hide anywhere in the house and say (sometimes in a whisper), “Come find me.” In a split second, you can hear Dixie’s little feet clicking down the hallway or up the stairs as she searches for you. When she reaches you, she looks into your eyes, full of excitement as if to say, “Why did you want me to come find you, Master?” She enthusiastically waits for a response, and for instructions on what to do next.

Prayer Lesson from My Dog

Yesterday morning, I woke, headed down to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, then into my office where I sit to spend my quiet time. For a few moments, work distracted me, then I sensed God’s nudge. Come find Me.

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What is Your Sacred Routine?

What is Your Sacred Routine?

I wake up at 4am. I hit the gym, then I drive to the coffee shop and splurge while I pray, reflect, and write. If I were to go home, I’d go back to sleep. When I’m accomplished around 8:00am, I head home, spend an hour or so with my family before I head into work at the church office.

That’s my routine.

You may be thinking: “It’s easy for you to say that your routine is helping me grow closer to God, after all, you’re a pastor. You help people understand the Bible and grow with God.”

True. But, I wasn’t always a pastor. I worked at Wal-Mart for four years. I still got up early, and and spent my time with God before work. I began writing while working at Wal-Mart. It was sporadic at first, but then I settled into a routine.

Why Does Routine Matter?

It’s easy to go through life with no routine, no schedule, no organization, and no purpose. But then, how are we certain our life is moving in the direction we want to see it go? Sure, we have a resemblance of schedule; most of us have to get into work before a certain time. So, we say we have a schedule because one has been made for us.

That isn’t a routine. That is you doing what you need to do to provide for your family through God’s blessing. That’s great! But, it’s not you taking initiative to order your life. Do you really focus on having a routine when you are not forced?

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Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not learn on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will straighten your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6


I trust you, I really do.

I mean, I follow you. I am trusting you with my eternal life because of the works of Jesus. 

Since I trust you with my eternal life, I should trust you with everything else!

So why is it so hard?

  • Why do I hold back on devoting my entire life to you?
  • Why do I hold back on pursuing you with my family instead of watching TV?
  • Why do I hold back on pushing into work you’ve called me to do?
  • Why am I afraid to do the things you’ve asked?
  • Why do I think I know better than you?

Every time I chose my own way against the speaking of your Spirit I proclaim that I know better than you. I’m saying that your guidance probably isn’t the best thing for me.

Is it cause I’m immature? Is a mature believer one who has control over his whole body and thoughts and mind and tongue?

Why do I do the things I do not want to do?? Is it because I do not trust you?

I will acknowledge you. You are my God. Lead me in your ways.

As I commit my life to you, I expect that you will make clear the directions to travel. You will show me the places to go, the people to connect with, the options to explore, the decisions to make.

So God, since you show me the way, supply me with the power to move. 

It doesn’t make sense that you would want to live with me for eternity. It also doesn’t make complete sense that you would want to walk with me every day. It is strange that you would come to die to show your power. But then again, if you didn’t die, how could you display your rule over death and your ability to give me eternal life?

So, I will follow you, regardless if I understand what is happening around me or not.

I trust you, I really do.

Why The Enemy Has Your Affirmation in the Crosshairs

Tim Young is the author of Heartstone: A Journey out of the midnight of my soul. He is a committed follower of Jesus Christ, a father, author, teacher, speaker and church leader on a mission to help people live courageously from their hearts.

There is an epic battle going on for the human heart because rescuing your heart is everything. God is pursuing your heart with an invitation of life — to become fully alive with a new name, a purpose, and a mission.

Why The Enemy Has Your Affirmation in the Crosshairs

This is the theme of Heartstone Journey, but it’s also the backdrop for our story too. The mistake many of us make is being blind to the battle over our lives. There is a God who is after our heart with the invitation of life; there is an enemy who will stop at nothing to take you out! Until we come to terms with this, we will misinterpret most of what is happening around us — and to us.

Are you tracking with me?

Our enemy is cunning and is systematically hunting us down, carefully watching every move we make, so he can take the shot. Once you come into clear focus, he takes the shot delivering a paralyzing blow. The worst part…we don’t even know what just hit us.

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