My Darkness Wrapped In Religious Light

For the last four years, I’ve worked in retail. We have many, many people that come through our doors. During my break times, I can often overhear or witness some sort of conversation or human interaction which makes me laugh, chuckle, or sit in wonder. Sometimes, however, I witness things that break my heart.

My Darkness Wrapped In Religious Light

God, teach me how to love deeper than I have experienced before. Give me a sincere heart overflowing with your love for people. I desire to use the gifts of your Spirit to help me minister your love and truth to others. I want to see the supernatural confirmation of your Word and Truth change people’s lives. However, I realize that love will last forever. Therefore, fill me up with your love. Amen.

What’s your prayer?

Whether You Walk On Water or Take A Swim, “The Water Feels Alright”

Ever wonder what it would be like to walk on water? I do. I think about it on occasion. Truth be told, I have this desire to experience walking on water. Sure, it wouldn’t serve much purpose, but if I have the faith then I could do it right? Not so much. I guess I’ll have to stick to swimming, but is that really so bad?

My Thoughts On - The Water Feels Alright by HisNameHigh

God, cleanse my heart. Purify me inside. Forgive me for my sins. Lead me into the way everlasting. Help me to live with your kingdom in mind. Strengthen me to be able to obey your Word. Give me the confidence to live completely controlled by your Spirit. Amen.

Behind the Song: “Great and Mighty” by HisNameHigh

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Great and Mighty Genesis of Grace HisNameHigh

Joshua 1:9

The “Great and Mighty” is With Us!

Life is full of difficult situations which require us to rely on Jesus. When we are completely reliant on Him, it doesn’t matter what obstacles we face. Jesus will always help us overcome what we see as impossible.

I Am Content

God, give me wisdom to see my wants for what they really are – desires. Grant me the knowledge and understanding of things that are truly needs in my life. Help me to see the difference between my needs and my wants. But most of all, give me more of you. For if I have you, then I can learn to be content no matter what the situation is. You are my true need; meet my need. Give me more of your Spirit; bring me into more of your presence. Amen.

Behind the Song: “I Am Yours” by HisNameHigh

The worship song “I Am Yours” was formatted as a hymn since its origin. The hymn-like style shows itself in terms of chord progression, and lyrical and melodic phrasing.  When Tyler first presented the song to all of us, we immediately knew it was a song worth keeping and developing.  We instantly felt a connection to its unique hymn style.

I Am Yours Genesis of Grace HisNameHigh

Old Truth, Fresh Forever

We’ve heard the truth that Jesus died on a cross for us so frequently, that sometimes, we forget what this truth truly encompasses.  The crucifixion of Jesus is an event that we should visit often. We should continually seek further comprehension of the sacrifice of Jesus.