Noah: An Expression of Faith in God (Movie Review)

Noah The Movie Review

Noah has received all sorts of criticism, and various amounts of praise. Most criticism comes from within the Christian community, while the praise normally is mentioned by those outside the Christian faith.

Regardless of the amount of biblical accuracy or inaccuracy, the movie is here. The big release is past. So now the questions we should be asking are:
What can we learn from the Noah movie about faith in God?
How can we springboard a conversation about faith in God using the Noah movie as a common point of interest?
It is within our best interests as the community of faith in Christ to be able to point out the positive, along with the negative, aspects of the movie. So lets use the discussion about Noah, God, and faith to share about Jesus and God’s love for the world. Continue reading

Lead Us Not Into Temptation. Deliver Us From Evil.

Lead Us Not Into Temptation. Deliver Us From Evil.

Why would we need to ask God to keep us away from temptation if He doesn’t want us to sin? Why should we ask to be delivered from evil if we are under God’s circle of protection?

Many ancient Jewish prayers suggest this verse in the Lord’s Prayer means something along the lines of “do not let us sin when we are tested.” It is not that we will never be tempted, but that God will give us strength to stand up against temptation.

After all, Jesus was tempted, yet lived without sin. Sinlessness is not the absence of temptation, but the active resistance against it.

What do you understand this piece of the Lord’s Prayer to mean?

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Jesus as the Son of God and Disciples as Real People (Movie Review)

Jesus Son of God Movie Review

To answer the question many people are asking:
Yes the Son of God movie is comprised mainly of scenes from The Bible TV series. However, there are also additional scenes added, some scenes extended, and a few scenes which were removed from the footage shown in The Bible TV series. All in all, I feel even if you watched the entire The Bible TV series, Son of God is worth the watch.

The range of people who received an expression of individual personality is the highlight of this video presentation of the gospel message for me. There is so much more depth to the historical records and teachings in the Bible that we often do not take the time to think about. This movie helps us to think of Jesus and the people he walked with as actual individuals.

Did you see the movie? What were your thoughts? Continue reading