Help Yahoo Stand Against Child Pornography

Love 146

Love 146 is a charity I personally support. They exist to bring an end to child sex trafficking and exploitation.

Yahoo Stop Child Abuse Images

Here are the quick and short details of what I’m asking you to do:

- Go over to Love 146′s call to action for standing against child abuse images by clicking on the image or clicking here.
- Once you are there, read the short explanation, then sign the petition with your name and email.

These two simple steps may help stop child exploitation online, and may help stop people from having the ability to find child pornography through Yahoo’s search engine. It’d be a start to the solution.

Are You Growing In Grace & Knowledge? (@WORDsearch)

Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ…

2 Peter 3:18 is an interesting ending to Peter’s last letter to the Christians before he is crucified for the sake of the gospel. Peter tells the people to continue to grow in grace and knowledge. Of all the things he could have ended with, he emphasizes growth.

Growing is an interesting concept. We can gain understanding when we consider our natural growth process. Who looks the same as they did when they were a newborn baby? Growth demands change. Why do we accept the growth pains of a child but consider suffering for Christ a negative thing? Growth occurs in discomfort.

Click here to continue reading this article over at WORDsearch Bible Blog.

Perfect Peace


Give me your peace. Help me to understand this peace that only you can give. It is a perfect peace, a complete peace, an all encompassing well being.

Let me see that your peace comes from how I think about various situations in life. For if I have your vantage point, I can live in peace. 

Help me to keep my focus on you. Let me give all of my trust to you. 

And as I trust you with everything I am, then I will know that you are the Great I Am. 

You are forever. Therefore, only you can give me perfect peace, peace forever.

Thank you God. Amen. 

God, teach me how to love deeper than I have experienced before. Give me a sincere heart overflowing with your love for people. I desire to use the gifts of your Spirit to help me minister your love and truth to others. I want to see the supernatural confirmation of your Word and Truth change people’s lives. However, I realize that love will last forever. Therefore, fill me up with your love. Amen.

What’s your prayer?

Whether You Walk On Water or Take A Swim, “The Water Feels Alright”

Ever wonder what it would be like to walk on water? I do. I think about it on occasion. Truth be told, I have this desire to experience walking on water. Sure, it wouldn’t serve much purpose, but if I have the faith then I could do it right? Not so much. I guess I’ll have to stick to swimming, but is that really so bad?

My Thoughts On - The Water Feels Alright by HisNameHigh

God, cleanse my heart. Purify me inside. Forgive me for my sins. Lead me into the way everlasting. Help me to live with your kingdom in mind. Strengthen me to be able to obey your Word. Give me the confidence to live completely controlled by your Spirit. Amen.