“Unequally Yoked” Does Not Mean What You Thought It Meant

And What To Say When Saying "Don't Marry a Non-Christian"

How many times have you heard the phrase, “don’t be unequally yoked?” If you’ve been following Christ for some time, there’s a good chance you’ve heard it many times. If you haven’t been following Christ, you may have never heard it at all. Normal people in the 21st Century do not talk about being “yoked.” So, what does “do not be unequally yoked,” mean in the Bible?

Unequally Yoked

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Understanding the Importance of Faith in God

While I am away at summer camps I’ve hosted a few writers to provide good content in my place. This is a guest post from Arold Augustin. He is the founder of Living For Jesus Alone Ministries, which exists to provide Christians with powerful biblical teachings to strengthen their day-to-day walk with Christ.

Are you aware of how important faith is in the life of those who follow Christ?

Understanding the Importance of Faith in God

Having faith in God hinges fully on Christ’s death and resurrection. Christ came to earth to restore the relationship between humanity and God. While faith in God is significant in the Christian life, it isn’t always easy to exercise faith in God as displayed throughout the Bible. Our trust in God is challenged when we find ourselves totally clueless about what to do in the midst of horrifying life’s circumstances. Nonetheless, we can find great comfort knowing that faith is both life-changing and powerful.

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Can I Date A Non-Christian?

The Question Many People Ask That We Aren't Confident to Answer

She sat there, staring with intent, yearning to know the answer. It bothered her because for once it seemed she could date someone who is nice and respectful.

He just decided to follow God and has been praying for a girlfriend. Then, the girl that’s finally into him shows up to youth group one day, but she’s not a Christian.

Many of us want to know the answer: Can I date a non-Christian?

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3 Advantages to Keeping Jesus at the Center of Your Family

I typically can’t go a full week without saying or hearing the following phrases, “It would be to your advantage to do it this way” or “You’re definitely at a disadvantage if you do it that way”.

3 Advantages to Keeping Jesus at the Center of your Family

Now although these phrases might be common, I like to think about the uncommon parts of them. In other words, you can only use such phrases in your everyday life because you have learned to use them by either experience or through teaching. This is what I consider maturity.

So when I start out any conversation or post with the word ‘advantage’, I can do so because I am a man who has experienced the other side of the situation I’m talking about. And in this case, I have experienced the hard disadvantages of keeping myself at the center of my family and not Jesus.

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The Lie About Sex You Learned As a Child

And What Is Destroying Sex Within Marriage

Sex is bad! Sex is wrong. Don’t have sex. You can’t have sex. God says, “You can’t have sex. It’s not right for you to have sex.”

The Lie About Sex You Learned As a Child

I remember these types of statements and have heard them multiple times. And, we aren’t alone in these statements. Other people heard these types of statements before, so they had some questions. The Corinthians made a similar statement to Paul when they asked him about sex.

Now concerning the matters about which you wrote:

“It is good for a man not to have sexual relations with a woman.”

– 1 Corinthians 7:1

So, we aren’t alone in our thinking. Christians have been telling people sex is wrong for decades without actually explaining the reasoning behind it. What else would lead these people to ask if it was a better thing for them to avoid sex?

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Why You Will Always Remember Your First Time

The Truth Behind Your First Sexual Experience

Carlie and I were driving in the car the other day, and it came up… The whole sexual experience from the past thing.

Why You Will Always Remember Your First Time - The Truth Behind Your First Sexual Experience

It’s always rather awkward, because my wife kept herself pure and I did not. Regardless of if I was a Christian or not growing up, the fact is during my teenage years I gave a piece of myself away (ever wonder the meaning of that phrase?).

I try not to think about it too much, especially since I wish I could have kept myself pure until my marriage. It pains me that Carlie was not my first, well, now you know if you didn’t. But, Carlie is so awesome, she has given me so much grace and love, and chosen to love me unconditionally regardless of my sexually promiscuous past.

I wish I could forget the sexual experiences, but I can’t. They’ll probably be with me forever. I would bet if you ask 9 out of 10 people about their first sexual experience, they will be able to tell you that they remember (as long as they were sober). Why?

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The Importance of the Person of Jesus

…if you say Jesus died and nothing happened but the disciples had some interesting ideas, then you have cut off the branch on which all classic Christianity is sitting. This generation needs to wake up, smell the coffee and realize serious Christianity begins when Jesus comes out of the tomb on Easter morning. This is not a nice optional extra for those who like believing in funny things.

-N.T. Wright

Imagine if you will that you’ve taken chess pieces, and instead of placing them on a chess board, used them to play a game of monopoly. No more thimble, race car, shoe, wheel barrel, iron, or top hat. Now you have a choice of a king, queen, rook, bishop, knight, or pawn. You could play that game just fine (aside from the pieces taking up most of a square of real estate), but what you couldn’t do is then claim to be playing chess.

The Importance of the Person of Jesus

If you did however claim to be playing chess and furthermore asserted that everyone had been playing chess incorrectly all along and that you are now playing a truer game of chess, chess  the way it was meant to be played from the beginning, well I would hear you out and that kind of claim would be worthy of my attention. However, the burden of proof would be on you to show the evidence you have that this is the way the game is supposed to be played.

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