Walk in Him


Thank you for sending Jesus to take the justified punishment for my sins. It is truly a wonderful thing. There’s nothing I can do to express enough gratitude. There’s no way I can say thank you enough.

Now God, I purpose to walk in the power of Him.

May I continue to study, to learn, and to commune with the living God, Jesus Christ, through your Holy Spirit. I desire to walk in Him each moment of every day.

Grant me understanding and knowledge of your ways, Oh God.

But most of all, give me Jesus. More and more of Jesus.


Starve Yourself of Your Sin Because Jesus is Alive

Jesus Christ is alive. Some of us understand this phrase; others of us sometimes misunderstand the meaning. Jesus is the only person in recorded history who did the following:

Starve Yourself of Your Sin Because Jesus is Alive
  1. Predicted His own death
  2. Foretold of how He would raise himself back to life after 3 days
  3. Died exactly how he declared He would
  4. Came back to life exactly how he said He would
  5. Didn’t die again – But left earth to live in heaven until He returns to finish His work of restoring peace to the world

Since Jesus is returning to the earth to finish His work, we should consider how we live our lives. But why? Why live according to what God has said throughout history? Why pattern our lives after morals and rules and laws which were given thousands of years ago?



I feel I am strong. I often feel like I have a strong head on my shoulders. I’m confident I am moving in the right directions with your Spirit. 

But sometimes, I get so scared. I’m not good enough. I have no idea what I’m doing. You can’t use me, I’m not the right person. I’m not ready.

Fear-fed thoughts come pouring into my consciousness: “What if it really happens? What if this really works? What if YOU really show up?”

Help me God. Reassure me. Give me more of your Spirit. Give me more of your power. Give me more of your presence.

Oh God – Infuse me with a righteous confidence that flows from your holy being. 

Everything I do, I desire to bring honor to you. All that I do, I purpose to be done in your name.

I want my entire life to make an impact for your kingdom.

So enable me to move forward. Push me into your will for my life. Overrun my fear with your faithfulness. 

As you fulfilled your promised help to your ancient followers, come in and supply my help now. 

God strengthen me. Thank you.


What Jesus Says About Premarital Sex in the Bible

Jesus taught something profound, something radical, and something so unfair that it made everyone’s head spin. He said that to lust was to commit adultery. For us, this means watching porn is cheating on your wife. If you haven’t read Men – You Don’t Wanna Do It (Pornography & Adultery), then you should consider doing that now before you continue reading. It leads to this article, but if you want to see one thing Jesus discusses in reference to premarital sex in the Bible, then read on!

What Jesus Says About Premarital Sex in the Bible

Just when people thought Jesus couldn’t get any more radical, he tosses a screwball no one can handle. Following his bit on ancient pornography and adultery, Jesus says this:



Sometimes I feel like I’m all alone. Sometimes I feel like you don’t understand. Like you don’t get what I’m going through.

Sometimes I feel like you’re so far off. While I still trust that you care for me, that you love me, I just can’t help but feel abandoned in my moments of temptation. It’s like your presence, power, and strength seem to disappear when these temptations come to overtake me.

But you didn’t leave me alone. You sent Jesus. And Jesus gets it.

He went through the temptations. Some of which, I’ll never have to face.

His temptations were more intense than anything I could face.

And He gave the example of how to turn from temptation and follow you.

Help me God. 

Give me more strength. Let me be able to turn from temptation the same way Jesus did.

Make me able to stomp out the temptations that come my way.

I want to follow you with everything that I am – All the time.

I don’t want to go to the left or right, but I want to stay straight on-line with your path of righteousness.

Give me grace to live in your Spirit and power, more and more, day by day.


Finding Purpose In A Lost World

This is a guest post by David Pollard. David is the Discipleship and Communications Director of Ventura Baptist Church. He also regularly contributes to Gospel Ramblings, a blog by regular pastors and regular people who love Jesus’ church.

“I firmly believe, and I don’t say this as a criticism, that life is meaningless. I’m not alone in thinking this — there have been many great minds far, far superior to mine, that have come to that conclusion. And unless somebody can come up with some proof or some example where it’s not, I think it is.”

– Woody Allen

Born in 1935, Woody had interest in comedy and writing from a young age. Over the years, he had acquired the occupation titles of actor, writer, director, comedian, musician, and playwright. Today, as a winner of four Academy Awards, Woody has no small significance in our “pop culture.” However, in Woody’s interview of July 2014, a personal summation was made regarding his outlook on life, its meaning and his plan for coping with existence. I read this article and it weighed heavy on my heart. It brought to mind some interesting questions. Why are we alive? What’s the meaning of our existence? Is there a purpose to all of this madness?

Finding Purpose in a Lost World

The meaning of life is abstract if there is, in fact, no purpose for existence. Woody makes this assessment and I would have to agree he is right. Life is meaningless if there is no purpose. This statement is true, but is it truly valid?