Behind the Song: “I Am Yours” by HisNameHigh

The worship song “I Am Yours” was formatted as a hymn since its origin. The hymn-like style shows itself in terms of chord progression, and lyrical and melodic phrasing.  When Tyler first presented the song to all of us, we immediately knew it was a song worth keeping and developing.  We instantly felt a connection to its unique hymn style.

I Am Yours Genesis of Grace HisNameHigh

Old Truth, Fresh Forever

We’ve heard the truth that Jesus died on a cross for us so frequently, that sometimes, we forget what this truth truly encompasses.  The crucifixion of Jesus is an event that we should visit often. We should continually seek further comprehension of the sacrifice of Jesus.

Abide In Me

Yes God. I will do my best to live constantly connected to you. Let me see more of your fruit develop, grow, and flourish in my life. I need to become more like you. Only You supply the nutrients and things which I need to grow into more of Christ. Amen.

I’m looking forward to the re-make of this video and book franchise. It’s crazy to think about what will happen once people disappear from the earth and others are left behind in absolute chaos.  Here’s the early trailer. I’ll keep up to date as I follow the movie through its release.

Behind the Song: “Far Side of the Sea” by HisNameHigh

In Psalm 139:1-12, David brags about the God in whom he has enjoyed tremendous mercy and help from during the most difficult of times. Throughout the song David reveals two “Omni’s” of God:  His omniscience (knowing all things about everything) and His omnipresence (being everywhere all the time). “Far Side of the Sea” was composed so that these two incredible characteristics of God would soak into the spirit, soul and mind of anyone who hears or worships the Lord with this song.

Far Side of the Sea Genesis of Grace HisNameHigh

Can Christians Learn From Burger King’s Gay Pride Burger?

Burger King released “The Proud Whopper” in support of gay pride and in sponsorship of an event in San Francisco. An inscription on the wrapper says, “we are all the same inside.” For the time being, this “Proud Whopper” is limited to the San Francisco area.

Burger King Proud Whopper

In a video the fast-food chain posted on Youtube, some were teary-eyed after eating the burger.

“It makes me feel supported and it makes me feel proud,” said one woman in the Burger King video. “It’s just a burger, but baby steps all the way.”

Would Your Christianity Survive in Other Parts of the World?

I love the song written by Israel Houghton called Love Rev. Throughout the song, highlights and contrasts are made between the silly wants and problems of American Christians against the very real problems of the less fortunate throughout the world. (You can listen to Love Rev on Spotify by clicking here.)

Church Bomb Iraq

Some of the aspects common throughout American Christianity highlighted throughout the song are as inept internet, bland food, the common cold, and poorly performing fundraisers for a church activity.These complains and expectations often turn into points of focus in prayer and expectation from God. In contrast, people throughout the world are having common problems such as:

  • Spoiled water killing people by the thousands
  • HIV killing babies in droves
  • No food found for miles everyday
  • Mosquito bites resulting in death by the hundreds

 Indeed, all those who want to live in a godly manner in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.

2 Tim. 3:12

While American Christians tend to complain about trivial matters, other Christians throughout the world are not enjoying the same comfort and general security as Americans. As we complain about Obamacare and gay marriage attacking Christian ideals, death and physical persecution attacks other followers of Christ throughout the world.

HisNameHigh with the Genesis of Grace

Editors Note: This is a guest post by HisNameHigh (HNH) Ministries. HNH Ministries exists to further the gospel of Christ using a three-fold approach being motivated by the very Person of Love. They say “the only story worth telling, the only song worth singing, and the only life worth living is the one that is lifting His Name High.” You can connect with HNH ministries on Facebook.

In the beginning, HisNameHigh started as a group of young, passionate, teenaged Jesus followers who heard the call to compose and lead worship in the early 2000s. Following several years of touring, weekend services, steep learning curves, recording a debut album, and following up with a live church worship album, the band re-formed and refocused their identity.

HisNameHigh - Genesis of Grace

In 2013 the worship band HisNameHigh expanded into what is now called HNH (HisNameHigh) Ministries. HNH now includes the following three arms of ministry: Music, Evangelism, and Teaching. Their primary focus is on training and giving young people opportunities in hands-on ministry. The group felt it was time to expand through deliberate efforts towards evangelism and teaching in addition to composing worship music.

The Song Writing Process

Song writing took top priority as the band set out to record album number 2, “Genesis of Grace” in 2013. Song writing is an interesting endeavor; especially worship song writing. Melody lines and lyrical content are key elements in the process.

Melody provides a flow, capturing the essence of the lyrics along with accompanying emotions. A musical transition into a chorus or bridge or changes in dynamics guides the heart down a path leading to a specific destination of awareness, attitude or focus.