An Awesome Benefit of Social Media Connections In Your Local Community and Beyond

A few weeks ago my furnace broke. The circuit board was shot due to water damage; other problems also contributed. We went two nights without a furnace in freezing temperatures accompanied by a blistering wind. The house cooled down quick. You can read more about this fiasco in my post Why You Need An Emergency Fund or Freeze To Death.

My wife instantly posted to Facebook as most people do when something awesome or halfway annoying happens. Within a day we had 4 space heaters and two heated blankets. Also, we had turned down offers from others for more space heaters to borrow. This is the power of being socially connected.

This is a benefit of social media connections in your local community.

This is the power of friends. This is the power of love.

Thank you to everyone who offered to help us while we waited for our new furnace to arrive. Each and every one of you are appreciated.

-Thank you for generosity and helping during our cold spell-

  • Dr. Jon Parschauer
  • Kim Woodruff
  • Melody Taylor
  • Jeremiah & Bibi Reidy
  • Bill & Jan Von Kamp
  • Mindy & Michael Nutter
  • Matt Turner (Who hooked us up on a sweet furnace! If you’re in need of any Heating, Cooling, or Plumbing in the North Central Ohio area check out Lake Effect!)

These names may not mean much to you. But they are names of people who loved. Remember, some names listed in the Bible may not seem like much to you. Nonetheless, they are important and prized by someone. Most of all, remember we all are all prized by God.

Here’s the thing concerning the benefit of social media connections:

Not every need needs to be met by someone local. That’s the AWESOME thing about social media at large, it fosters connections between people beyond their local community. People helping people – It’s powerful stuff (tweet). This is one of many benefits of social media.

I’m excited to be part of Jon Acuff’s team to help launch his new book, Start. I don’t live near Jon, but I can still help him in some ways. This connection has been fostered through social media. I’ve been fortunate enough to preview his new book. It’s a message I believe in, and a message I want to help spread. Be sure to check out all the sweet extras you can get for pre-ordering the book by clicking here ($250 of free stuff!). You can skip straight to the Amazon page and pre-order by clicking here.

The Awesome Road

If you know some of my story, you know I’ve achieved awesome in some areas of my life. I bet you have too!! However, have you reached awesome in all areas of your life (tweet)? Have you started to take the path which leads to total awesomeness?

There are some people who are walking the path to awesome with me in our craft of writing. Guess where I met these people… Google Plus. Yep, I connected with them through a social media network.

Each of us have committed to helping each other grow in our craft. A special thanks to each one of you for helping me travel down the road of awesomeness:

As you can see, we write on a variety of topics. However, we have harnessed a benefit of social media; connection and relationship. Together we have started, and are working on being awesome. Are you?

Q: Let’s Disqus it! Gimmie what ya got or answer these Questions: Let’s acknowledge those who have helped us in a time of need. Who helped you and what story do you have? or Has someone helped you be awesome or pointed you down the road to awesomeness? Please share with us your thoughts in the comments by clicking here.

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5 thoughts on “An Awesome Benefit of Social Media Connections In Your Local Community and Beyond

  1. Brad,

    While people in my network haven’t offered to loan something to me, the emotional support I’ve given and received from people in my networks is awesome. I was diagnosed with Grave’s disease 9 years ago this month. The first couple of years with this disorder were tough for me emotionally and physically, and I joined a group on Facebook that was dedicated to teaching and supporting people with Grave’s. The group allowed me to rant, they reassured me that I would eventually feel better, and they offered advice. It was nice to know that I wasn’t alone in how I felt and the challenges I faced during the first couple of years with Grave’s, and it was great to be able to discuss my fears and my insecurities with people who validated and responded to those fears and insecurities. While I know I would have survived the first couple of years without their help, they made the first couple of years a lot easier to endure.

    • Wow. Excellent example of the type of community which is made possible by social media. I’m glad you were able to learn and find support through the group. Thanks for sharing Charity.

  2. Great article Brad, it goes to show we can help each other in many ways. The goal is to find people with similar interests. You do not have to necessarily blog about the same thing.
    I am glad you included the group members in your article. We are glad to have you onboard. Maybe this will inspire others to build what we have built. It cost nothing but a little time and dedication.
    Thanks Brad