Has God Given You a Hope and a Future?

Jeremiah 29:11 - Out of Context Means it Doesn't Mean What we Think

As followers of Christ, we tend to believe that we should be protected by God from everything evil and blessed with everything good. So, we read the Bible and quote it saying, “God has promised me a hope and a future. He has plans to prosper me.” However, we fail to realize this wasn’t a promise to 21st-century believers.

Has God Given You a Hope and a Future? Does God plan to prosper you?

Here’s why we say that:

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

Jeremiah 29:11 ESV

Other translations phrase it like this: “plans to prosper you and not to harm you.” And generally, whenever we hear money, I mean prosper, we tend to think money, money, money! Along with that money comes time and freedom that apparently can’t be found elsewhere…

When reading the Bible, there are certain rules of literature we must pay attention to. Historical happenings (what was actually going down at that moment in history) and original intent (what the author meant to say to his original audience) are a couple of things we need to consider when reading a passage from the Bible.

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3 Ways to Stay Thankful During Thanksgiving (And All Year Long)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I remember the good old days when Thanksgiving sales did not start until early Friday morning.

But Black Friday is no more. Now, it seems, we should call Thanksgiving, “Black Thursday” when mainstream focus is on food, football, and fantastic deals. The largest sales end before midnight, and the weekend follows with lingering discounts and opportunities to spend more money.

It’s ironic. During Thanksgiving, when people should be happiest, they seem to become the most irritable. When we should be counting our blessings, we count our cash instead (and often spend more than we count). No wonder Americans get so stressed out.

So how can we stay thankful during Thanksgiving, and even all year long?

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Lies the Zombie Culture Tells Us

This morning when I finished my workout, I was exhausted, but I felt alive. I’ve heard it reported that when you exercise, some sort of chemical is released in your body which makes you just feel better. I felt good, as this was the first time in a long time I’ve been back to the gym since the birth of our second child six months ago.

So I went in the locker room to force myself to endure the nasty chalky tasting protein mix that is supposed to be good for my body. Normally, there’s some sort of sports program on the TV. But today, it was some zombie flick.

Lies the Zombie Culture Tells Us

This girl was screaming, this guy was smashing some zombie with an axe, and they were inside some apartment complex trying to save someone. I was intrigued, as zombie movies apparently are not as frightening in the dark of the early morning as they are if you stay up late at night to watch them at home.

I watched for a few moments as I saw the struggle between the living and the dead. I became annoyed with the show, and couldn’t figure out how to turn off the TV. I started to reflect about what zombie movies teach us about life. What type of story do they tell? What do they want us to believe about ourselves? Here’s some lies and corresponding truths about the living and the dead.

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I Can Fit Through The Eye of a Needle!

Actually I Can't and Neither Can a Camel...

Intrigued right? I’m six foot three inches tall! The eye of a needle is what, one centimeter tall??? I cannot fit through the eye of a needle, and neither can a camel. But now that I have your attention, take a moment to see why Jesus grabbed his audience’s attention with that statement as I’ve grabbed yours.

How Hard It Is For the Rich to Fit Through the Eye of a Needle

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“Unequally Yoked” Does Not Mean What You Thought It Meant

And What To Say When Saying "Don't Marry a Non-Christian"

How many times have you heard the phrase, “don’t be unequally yoked?” If you’ve been following Christ for some time, there’s a good chance you’ve heard it many times. If you haven’t been following Christ, you may have never heard it at all. Normal people in the 21st Century do not talk about being “yoked.” So, what does “do not be unequally yoked,” mean in the Bible?

Unequally Yoked

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Can I Date A Non-Christian?

The Question Many People Ask That We Aren't Confident to Answer

She sat there, staring with intent, yearning to know the answer. It bothered her because for once it seemed she could date someone who is nice and respectful.

He just decided to follow God and has been praying for a girlfriend. Then, the girl that’s finally into him shows up to youth group one day, but she’s not a Christian.

Many of us want to know the answer: Can I date a non-Christian?

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The Lie About Sex You Learned As a Child

And What Is Destroying Sex Within Marriage

Sex is bad! Sex is wrong. Don’t have sex. You can’t have sex. God says, “You can’t have sex. It’s not right for you to have sex.”

The Lie About Sex You Learned As a Child

I remember these types of statements and have heard them multiple times. And, we aren’t alone in these statements. Other people heard these types of statements before, so they had some questions. The Corinthians made a similar statement to Paul when they asked him about sex.

Now concerning the matters about which you wrote:

“It is good for a man not to have sexual relations with a woman.”

– 1 Corinthians 7:1

So, we aren’t alone in our thinking. Christians have been telling people sex is wrong for decades without actually explaining the reasoning behind it. What else would lead these people to ask if it was a better thing for them to avoid sex?

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