5 Amazingly Simple Words that Will Explode your Bible Reading Comprehension

How the Five W's Can Help You Read the Bible

Often, during times of my Bible reading, I get lost in the story. I become enamored with the people, the surroundings, the circumstances. Especially when it comes to the miracles of Jesus, I’m astonished at the things that happened.

5 Amazingly Simple Words that Will Explode your Bible Reading Comprehension

For example, one of my life long dreams would be to experience what it felt like to walk on water. For real, imagine jumping off a dock thinking you’re gonna drop in, then slam!! It’s impossible! It’ll never happen! But it did happen, and I can’t begin to imagine what it felt like. I wonder if Peter had a new understanding of “sea legs,” by the time he was finished walking on the water?

But, sometimes if I’m not careful, I find myself getting lost in the extraordinary and forfeiting what God wants to speak directly into my life.

Sometimes when I read the Bible, it’s a supernatural experience. I know God’s with me, I can sense His presence, and whatever He’s saying to my mind and my Spirit is sweet as candy. Other times, during my Bible reading, it feels like I’m smashing my head against a rock. Nothing I’m reading makes any sense, and I have no idea what it’s for. Learning to know that both are

Both of these experiences help us grow. In different ways, they help us deepen our relationship with God.

With that said, there’s something many of us have learned in elementary school that will radically change and improve our Bible reading. They are the five W’s (with a little twist):

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Try to Read The Bible In a Year

An Alternative Approach to the Read Your Bible in a Year Program

Today’s post is from David Ramos. He is a Christian author and teacher passionate about communicating the life-changing truths found in the Old Testament. You can learn more about David and his writing at RamosAuthor.com.

If you’re a Christian, at some point in your life one of your New Year’s Resolutions will be to read through the Bible in a year.

The question is, should we attempt to read the Bible in a year?

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Try to Read the Bible in a Year

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How Relationships Are Like Starbucks with a Broken Furnace

Have you heard the phrase “teachable moments?” If not, it’s when you gain an insight from something that happens in life. It’s a situation that occurs which gives understanding to something deeper. So, I wanted to share this teachable moment with you about how relationships are like my experience at Starbucks with a broken furnace in the dead of winter.

Broken Relationships Like Starbucks

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Responsibility (As Expressed in the Bible) – My One Word for 2015

Responsibility. It’s a simple concept. It applies to many aspects of life.

Responsibility is my one word for 2015. It is what I’m going to focus on throughout the year. It is the one idea that I believe God wants to cement in my life this year. I will be studying about these topics to gain responsibility for various aspects of my life.

Responsibility In The Bible My One Word 2015

Here’s a brief look at responsibility in the Bible:

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What You Need to Know About the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham Creation Debate

Bill Nye vs Ken Ham Debate on Creation

Bill Nye Ken Ham Debate Creation

This past week, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” debated with Ken Ham over the following question: Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era? In essence, the question asked if scientific evidence as a whole points to the biblical creation account of the origin of life.

If you did not get to see the debate, here is the video. It is about three hours long. (The main part of the debate is worth watching if you do not want to sit through the entire debate. I recommend to watch at least the two 30-minute presentations and the four 5-minute rebuttal sessions.)

Now that you’ve seen the debate, I want to help you think through some things.

First, some of the highlights which stood out to me:

  • Bill Nye – Says evolution and the Big Bang theory is the more probable explanation concerning the origin of life on earth.
    • Fossils and trees date past 6000 years
    • Fossils would be expected to mix in cementing layers in a struggle for life during a world wide flood
    • The ark was smaller than the Titanic and the largest wooden ship built on record sunk because of problems with the pliability of wood
    • Unsure of the origin of actual intelligence
    • Questions a literal rendering of using the English translation of an ancient text to determine the age of the earth
  • Ken Ham – Says the earth was created in exactly six days as we know them today and the earth is only near 6000 years old
    • Distinguishes between an observational science (scientific method and data collection) and a historical science (interpreting the past events through that data)
    • Wants his theory of creation taught in textbooks as it gives an explanation for the origin of intelligence among other things
    • Supports a worldwide flood
    • Biblical genealogies give an exact date of the age of the earth
    • Kinds of animals are grouped from a base species (from one original dog comes all different breeds of dogs). Same idea supports all humankind (all humans came from Adam and Eve).

Now, Ken Ham and Bill Nye stood diametrically opposed to each other. But what happens if I am a Christian and I tend to agree with Bill Nye’s evidence and logic?

You can search the net and find all kinds of commentary pointed towards the debate. Some say Ken Ham made Christians look foolish by not having enough evidence to argue his points. Some say Ken Ham crushed Bill Nye, and that everything clearly points to support Ken Ham’s creation model. All the while, here’s the kicker:

I don’t believe Ken Ham is entirely correct. Neither do I believe Bill Nye is completely correct. While I agree with some points from each of their presentations, I cannot pit myself on one side or the other.

So yes, I am a Christian and I am not knocking down Bill Nye in fanatic support of Ken Ham. Here’s why:

Within the biblical account of creation there are two classifications of theories explaining how the earth and life began. One classification is called Old Earth, while the other is aptly named New Earth.

New Earth

This classifies the theory which Ken Ham supports in his debate against Bill Nye. This theory mentions much of what has already been covered: literal 6 day creation, literal years in genealogies date the earth near 6,000 years old, flood literally covered entire world.

Old Earth

This classification of theories was left out of the debate almost entirely. One theory within this classification explains that creation could have transpired in 6 periods of time rather than 6 literal days as we know them.

Another theory explains that the writer of the account could have been writing from his vantage point which seemed to be the entire earth. Nonetheless, in reality his point of view could have been limited to the areas surrounding the middle east. (After all, we thought the earth was flat for the longest time right.) The original writer would not have had satellite images, nor an understanding of how large the earth is – let alone the slightest clue that the earth is round. This explanation from a vantage point is referred to as phenomenal (related to observation) language.

Therefore, if everything from the author’s vantage point was flooded, he could have easily said “the entire world has flooded,” and not been misrepresenting the truth. This gives room for a theory of a localized flood in the middle east (It also provides a cohesive thought to address Bill Nye’s issue with the ark). The original author’s language was not meant to be scientific, as all of this transpired before the scientific age.

What You Need to Take Away From The Bill Nye vs Ken Ham Debate on Creation

Bill Nye debated Ken Ham on one theory explaining how the earth was created. The range of theories and classifications from Christian scholars are just that: theories. They can in essence get thrown in with the evolution theory and classified as such. Therefore, instead of one theory or the other being taught in public schools, why are not all the theories being taught which attempt to explain how the earth began?

In addition, the Bible is not a science book, nor is it meant to be read as such. It is a theological book, explaining God and showing his communication with mankind throughout history into eternity.

Therefore, whether or not the earth is 6000 years old or six billion years old does not ultimately matter. While one type of creation theory may be easier to debate against evolutionist supporters than another, in the end they are both debating theories. The date of the earth or the extent of the flood does not change the common truths presented about God dealing with mankind. God still created the universe. He still gives intelligence and life to humankind. He still sent judgement in the form of a flood. He still sent a way of salvation and communication with mankind through Noah and his family. 

So if you’re a Christian and you agree with some of what Bill Nye said – no biggie. You’re not wrong nor any less of a Christian. Same goes if you disagreed with some of what Ken Ham said – you’re not any less of a Christian.

And if you’re not a Christian, what everything boils down to is this recorded piece of history: God entered the world through Jesus Christ to bring salvation to mankind by sacrificing himself on the cross. He rose from the dead to prove his claims and did not die again, but ascended into heaven. He will return to the earth to establish his eternal kingdom and rule over all.