Guest Post Submission

Hey there! Thanks for your interest in adding value to this website! I appreciate your interest and have set up some suggestions and guidelines to make this process easier for the both of us!

I am currently accepting guest posts.

Ideally, the length will be somewhere between 400-600 words. If you’re a little short, or a little long, and the article is good, no problem. I also prefer that you send a suggested image with your post. Please cite the source of the picture as well.

Please provide up to four sentences for your biography, and a photo (preferably 150×150) if you wish to show your shining face. Feel free to link to a book, website, and / or your social media profiles. Be sure to include your authorship link for Google in your biography as well.


  • Devotional Writing
  • What you may learn about spirituality and Christianity from movies or music
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Personal Money Management Techniques
  • Biblical Leadership

I’ll expect:

  • You to promote on your blog and link to the article.
  • You to share through your social media channels.
  • You to engage with any comments from readers.

Submission Process:

Please email submissions to Brad(at)

Submit a pitch letter or query first. (If you wish to send a full article, please include the following pitch information at the beginning of your email.)

  1. Headline
  2. Punchline
  3. Benefits for Audience
  4. Website or Blog
  5. Link to example of your writing – On personal website or another’s website
  6. Biography Information

Please understand that I am a father, husband, minister, writer, employee, and I like to throw some time for myself in the mix. It may take me up to two weeks to respond to your submission.

I will make sure to send a response to every submission. I will not leave you hanging around your email inbox waiting for a reply.

Thanks again for your interest! I look forward to hearing from you!