Hearing God’s Leading (Poem) – Reflecting on Hearing the Voice of God

Hearing The Voice of God - Hearing God's Leading

Hearing the Voice of God - Hearing God's Leading

The Poem Hearing God’s Leading – A reflection on hearing the voice of God and following Him.

I recently had an opportunity come my way;

Well, closer to one of my dream jobs I should say.

I serve in a volunteer role right now;

Oh but how sweet it would be to get paid for it somehow!

Nonetheless, when the time came I stood the test;

I kept on God’s plan against simply doing my best.

The pain was real, it almost ate me alive;

It came by denying myself, and my desires deep inside (tweet).


My friends, my mentors, my wife said I shouldn’t;

To turn it down, a dream, I thought I couldn’t.

So I gave it some time, and more time upon that;

Praying and saying, “God I need your voice – stat!”

Now, looking through the past, I can clearly see;

Through the hurt, and by good advice, God has the best for me (tweet).

It’s not my dream was wrong, or my desire was bad;

It’s that the timing was wrong, and it made me so sad.


On the surface, my heart was saying “go, go, go;”

Though, deep down, it whispered “woe.”

The circumstantial evidence added up to perfection;

Against all logical reasoning, I was their selection.

The dream was and still is a very God thing;

Even my Scripture reading began to me to sing.

But the good advice of great people said, “no, no, no;”

After which hearing, and processing, I decided I shouldn’t go.

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photo credit: Brent Nelson via photopin cc

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