Journaling: Establishing Devotional Habit

Maximize Devotional Benefit Through Journaling – Part 6 of Devotional Habit: Under Construction (Series)

Keeping a journal encourages the understanding and application of Bible readings. Even if one does not often go back to re-read entries, the discipline of condensing Bible readings or prayers into a journal entry makes them more memorable. Summarizing in your own words is the litmus test of understanding (tweet).

Ideas To Increase Benefit From Journaling

  • Be Orderly
  • Record a summary statement for each chapter of scripture read.
  • Keep record of prayers and subsequent answers in order to stay encouraged.
  • Write about internal joys and sorrows.
  • Keep a running dialogue between yourself and God.
  • Be Creative! Find what works for you and do it systematically and sincerely.
  • Plan for Periodic Reflection (Weekly or Monthly)
    • Review what you have done with the intention of knowing God better, obeying Him, and sensing His direction through the sometimes mundane routines of duty.
  • Plan to Share Some Special Blessing or Insight From Your Journal
    • Gather choice nuggets and exchange them with someone special. Celebrate!
  • Note Milestones & Significant Events
    • Record the Spirit’s impressions upon one’s heart as significant events to be remembered.
    • We have the opportunity and awesome privilege as parents (or future parents) of identifying for our kids signs of God’s intervention in human affairs and in our personal lives.
    • Become an expert at planning for suitable recognition of the power of the Holy Spirit as evidenced during the accomplishment of your life mission.

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