Why You Need to Understand the Book of Romans


Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t understand what you were reading in the Bible? Have you started to grow confused with all of these weird words like Righteousness, Justification, Sanctification? Do you wish you could just understand their meanings?

You’re not alone.

Simply Reading the Book of Romans Is Not Enough

I once felt a similar way when I started reading the Book of Romans. Lost. Dazed. Confused. I finally got through the book, but I didn’t understand half of what I read. Frankly, if we do not understand what we are reading, then there isn’t much point in spending the time to read. Right?

I felt this way as a person starting to read the Bible for the first time. I wish I would have found a short and concise help to the book of Romans. I didn’t have any interest in long commentaries. I needed a couple short explanations and ideas to help me through the book. That’s what this Brief Survey of the Book of Romans: A Short Study is for.

Understanding the Book of Romans will help you grow closer to God. It will give you a deeper faith, a firm foundation of what God has done for you and in you.

Here’s how Brief Survey of the Book of Romans: A Short Study will help you grow closer to God:

  • You’ll acquire a greater understanding of the Righteousness of God.
  • You’ll gain a deeper knowledge of the Salvation of Christ.
  • You’ll realize the necessity of the Holy Spirit in your personal life.
  • You’ll explore God’s grand plan of salvation since the beginning.
  • You’ll gain confidence from a thorough knowledge of the Gospel.
  • You’ll live in freedom knowing what God has accomplished for you.

Understand the Christian Faith Like the Apostle Paul!

The apostle Paul wrote the book of Romans to the Christians living in Rome whom he had not yet personally visited. The gospel had spread faster than Paul could travel. In response, Paul wanted to make sure that these Christians thoroughly understood the gospel. Therefore, the book of Romans contains the most detailed, systematic, and precise presentation of the gospel which Paul wrote.

Brief Survey of the Book of Romans: A Short Study will help you grasp the main topics discussed through Paul’s writings to the Christians in Rome. You’ll gain an understanding on the main topics presented throughout Paul’s writing:

  • Salvation
  • Righteousness
  • Justification
  • Atonement
  • Faith
  • Sanctification

You’ll be surprised at how easy it will be for you to understand the Book of Romans.

This survey of the book of Romans is great. In the day in which we live many explanations of biblical principles come off staunch and distant. Most authors provide great information yet they do little to present it in a way that is germane to everyone. Brad Andres provides relevant information and sound doctrine on the book of Romans in a way that is insightful and palatable to those who have theological training as well as those who don’t. This is a great read for anyone on any spiritual level.Robert Dickens
Creative Artist

Acquire biblical knowledge you can be proud of faster than you thought possible.

As a result of various circumstances, some people cannot invest the time to read a lengthy book written on theological subjects. More than likely you do not have the time to sit and read a long book discussing theology. If this is you, then this overview of the book of Romans is the perfect solution for you!

The style and length of this book was designed with you in mind. There is the rich and in-depth background material you must understand to better comprehend the book of Romans. This study of the Book of Romans will help you!

  • The book-length is a small and quick 32 pages.

After you’ve read Brief Survey of the Book of Romans: A Short Study, you’ll to feel the same sense of accomplishment as you would from reading a theological book in its entirety.

What this book does not do is cover each and every important topic presented by Paul in the book of Romans. This brief survey is designed to follow the flow of Paul’s writing. You will walk away grasping the theme and concepts of the Book of Romans.

Discover how quickly you can understand the entire Book of Romans reading this brief survey!

You will certainly enjoy this expanded summary of this book. Romans is the best book in the Bible for presenting the plan of God’s salvation from wrong living. As such, Brad does a great job of explaining this as he moves along. Once wrong living is dealt with, He moves quickly into salvation from guilt and condemnation, explaining clearly how Romans deals with each of these issues. I love how he shows that the Gospel is indeed good news to all those caught up in the bondage of wrong living.Brian Pace
Author of The Focus Commentary Version of the Bible (First Thessalonians)

Here’s what to expect from the Brief Survey of the Book of Romans:

  • You’ll take an in-depth look at what the Righteousness of God actually is.
  • You’ll examine what Salvation in Christ truly means.
  • You’ll consider the necessity of the Holy Spirit in your life.
  • You’ll look at God’s grand plan of salvation from the beginning.
  • You’ll discover how to apply the concepts Paul discussed to your personal life.
  • You’ll learn how to live a better Christian life.

Discover how to apply main ideas presented in the Book of Romans to your personal life. Enrich your mind, body, and spirit – Improve your life today.

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