Old Testament Righteousness of God

The book of Romans is commonly referred to as the gospel of the righteousness of God. In order to gain a fair understanding of the righteousness revealed in the book of Romans, one must consider the use of the term in its Old Testament background.

The word righteous is occasionally used to show the moral qualities of those who walked with God and obeyed His commands and teachings. When righteousness is used in reference to God it is explaining His absolute perfection in all moral qualities. Righteousness describes God as the perfect carrier of justice.

This righteousness from the Hebrew Scriptures carries with it the quality of being righteous or just. Hebrew thought of righteousness related to a matter of right or wrong that was decided before a judge. The judgmental pronouncement of righteous declared someone to be innocent as opposed to being proven guilty. In essence, to be righteous was for the Hebrews to be marked with a stamp of God’s approval.

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