Senseless Risks: Teens, Driving, & Alcohol

It’s Friday night and Joe receives an offer to chill with the baseball guys. By no means is Joe a social outcast. However, he limits himself on his involvement with questionable activities. The baseball guys tend to group together in school, and party together on the weekends. Upon the invitation to unwind with the guys from the team, Joe accepts, expecting to pull an all-nighter playing Madden 2013 on the Xbox.

A half-hour after being picked up by his friend, Joe arrives at Max’s house. Bud light cans and Pizza Hut boxes spread the countertops between the game consoles. Joe politely declines the Bud Light, but ravishes into some pepperoni pizza.

Mid way into the night, Max gets a call; the softball chicks want to come over and crash the party. Joe is starting to feel uncomfortable. A quiet night with a few dudes is cool, but a loud party with thirty people is not his thing. His mind begins racing in an inner turmoil.

“How can I get out of this? I cannot call home and tell Mom I am at a party. I told her I was going to play Xbox. I do not want to deal with her anger and the trouble it will bring me.”

“Josh, hey man, your place was open tonight too right? Let’s get Amber and Kristi, and go chill at your place.”

“Yea, I like that. I’ve only had a couple beers, I’m good to go,” says Josh.

“Alright sweet! You only live ten minutes down the freeway anyway. We’ll be fine, I’m sure. Besides, I’ll be in the seat next to ya if you need some extra guidance.”

Just like that, Joe and Josh are off to what could be the last drive of their lives. They are off without a thought, worry, concern, or care. Only the expectation of a good night with Amber and Kristi fills their minds…

I wrote this article for Faith Filled Family Magazine. It was published in the Winter 2013 issue, page 12. To continue reading click here…

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