Son of God Movie

Son of God

The Son of God movie is going to release February 28th. I am excited to see this adaption from The Bible TV Miniseries. I wrote three reflections on The Bible TV miniseries from last year which you can find below:

The Son of God movie is slated to be an adaption from the The Bible TV series with some additional scenes and footage not included in the TV edit. It is set to run near 175 minutes. The Son of God movie will cover the historical accounts from Jesus’ birth to resurrection.

Overall, I felt the The Bible TV Series encouraged America to reflect on God’s story, and on Jesus. I was pleased that it encouraged thought and discussion throughout the TV event which were not a normal part of most people’s lives.

I hope that there are enough added scenes to not make this a simple theatrical version of the TV show. The producers of the The Bible TV series did such a great job of bringing a fresh telling of the Bible to the film screen that I’d hate to see a simple cut and paste of the same material just to put something in theaters. However, if this reaches more people with the life of Christ in addition to what The Bible TV series reached, even if it is a cut and paste adaption, it would be worth it.

I am looking forward to seeing the film, and finding out which way it goes.

In addition to the Son of God movie release this year, I am also excited for the new project which Mark Burnett and Roma Downey are working on for next year. A follow up to The Bible TV Miniseries entitled, The Bible A.D., is set to air on NBC in 2015. I hope the momentum will continue from The Bible Series, and discussion will spur from the follow up mini series displaying Christianity after Jesus’ resurrection.

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2 thoughts on “Son of God Movie

  1. Will probably at least make an attempt to see it. Given that it “sticks to the Bible” then I will likely enjoy it. If it veers too much from what I personally believe to be the truth of the Scriptures, then I will regret having paid to see it.
    Just my $0.02 worth :)
    Thx for the info, else I wouldn’t even know about this!