Suffering Prayer Poem

Suffering Prayer

Suffering Prayer Poem

Before the world was-
Before it all began-
Ahead of the beginning-
You chose to show Your glory.

How could You display-
All we now know-
Without the imperfection-
That leads to destruction?

The perfect creation-
Programmed with choice-
Enabled to return Your love.

We chose wrong-
Turned away from You-
Under Your direction-
What did You do?

What better way-
To show Your grace-
To explain Your love-
Exclaiming Your greatness!

Without our turning-
If we missed the divine falling-
If all we ever knew was good-
And evil to us remained inconceivable…

Then we would not know Your Son-
We could not fully receive Your love.
Skipping the contrast against suffering and evil-
We’re missing the true display of Your greatness (tweet)!

Thank You for knowing what’s best-
Thank You for showing me-
How great Your love can be!

I praise You for changing me-
Through suffering.

Without knowing evil-
I could not know good.
In no existence of pain-
I could not see what I’ve gained.

Through Your suffering-
You have clearly shown-
Your great love for me.
Jesus Christ my Savior-
Thank You for suffering!

Now I see…

What is meant for evil-
Will be used for my good.
What causes me pain-
Will show me Your love.

Change me into more of You God-
Even through suffering (tweet).

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