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The Bible Epic MiniseriesYesterday was the first showing of The Bible epic miniseries on the History Channel.


The Bible epic miniseries yesterday covered the Bible story from the beginning to the battle of Jericho. The five week series will end March 31st, and will have covered stories from the Bible starting with Genesis and ending with Revelation. I will not tell you exactly where these stories are located in the Bible – keep reading to find out why.

Not Your Sunday School Bible Stories

The Bible Epic TV Miniseries Adam and Eve

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Have you read the Bible? If you have read the Bible, and you’re real, you’d have to agree with this statement: The Bible as a realistic move should be rated G, PG, PG-13, R, and X (tweet). There is drama, violence, gore, language, sex, betrayal, love, and sacrifice all wrapped up in the history of the Bible. Just as in regular movies, some characters are predictable, and some un-predictable. Some of the drama is foreseen, and some of it totally unexpected.

The Bible epic miniseries seems to take the stories into a deeper telling then I have seen before. My imagination when reading the Bible has a hard time being real and not automatically censoring the images. When I read of Adam and Eve being naked, my mind — in all honesty — doesn’t seem to get anywhere near the picture above. It’s like I find myself skipping past the process of visualization while reading the beginning section because there is nudity.

I’m not saying people should start fantasizing about the sexuality portrayed in the Bible. However, I am saying, when we visualize what we are reading, maybe we should see it more racy than we are used to. God’s story is the greatest story in existence, it also happens to be historical. This stuff should be exciting to watch, exciting to re-watch, and exciting to think about.

I own some movies such as Gladiator, and The Patriot. I like to re-watch these movies. Both are awesome stories, and they get me jacked about being a man. Something about imagining myself being the one splitting someone’s skull with a tomahawk (The Patriot), or slicing someone’s head off (Gladiator), get’s me pumped up. Why don’t I get this excited imagining myself splitting some giant’s skull with a rock (tweet)?

I’m sick and tired of the Bible being boring. I’m kind of fed up with cheesy Bible movies. I want to be excited to watch movies portraying Bible stories. I want to look forward to Bible movies like I do the next Avengers movie. I want to watch, and re-watch, and talk about how awesome that movie was with my friends and co-workers.

There are many stories in the Bible which should give me an emotional ride or an adrenaline rush when I think about them or watch them. However, the responsibility doesn’t fall onto someone who should make awesome movies to get me to do this. I simply have not applied myself as I should in imagining myself acting or living the Bible stories. Ouch. Forgive me God, for placing more importance in Hollywood stories than in Your story (feel free to tweet this too if you need).

My Commitment

I am going to break from my daily devotional readings and commit to reading the stories covered in The Bible epic miniseries (tweet). I am going to start imagining myself in the midst of the drama. I am going to start putting myself in the emotional roller coaster some of the faith people from the past have experienced. I am going to give more thought and imagination to my God and my faith, rather than being Maximus Decimus Meridius, Benjamin Martin, James Bond, or Joey from Friends (I like to imagine being funny sometimes too).

Will you join me in following The Bible epic miniseries?

For the next five weeks I propose a challenge. has partnered with The Bible epic miniseries to have reading plans available each week covering the Bible stories shown in the TV miniseries. You can create an account for online reading, or download YouVersion for your mobile device at The reading plan for this week is called The Bible Series – Week 1.

The Challenge: Watch the TV series. Follow the reading plan on YouVersion. Share your thoughts with us each week. Are you in? Let me know in the comments by clicking here.

I’ll be posting every Monday in March about The Bible, so stick with us and engage in the conversation!

I’ll be coming back to this post all week to read and Disqus what is happening in your life as you go through the challenge this month. I’ve given my initial thoughts, so you go ahead and give us yours. I’ll see you in the comments…

Question: Are you guilty of giving more time to imagining yourself as a Hollywood character instead of a person with great faith who walked with God?

The Bible will be showing on the History Channel every Sunday in March starting at 8:00 PM EST.

You can find out more about The Bible epic miniseries by visiting

You can pre-order The Bible epic miniseries on DVD or Blu-Ray by clicking here.

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