The Scripture Reader’s Manifesto

The Scripture Reader's Manifesto

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The Scripture Reader’s Manifesto is a small eBook about getting back to the heart of reading Scripture.

This short manifesto is a call for Christian’s to fall back in love with reading the Bible. I intentionally made the eBook short and sweet, so that you could read it in one sitting.

Whether you’re just learning how to read the Bible, or a seasoned Christian, one thing is for certain: Bible reading should be fun and energizing. This eBook will help you discover how to keep the Bible fresh, relevant, and exciting.

Others Are Saying

Dave Wonders

“One of the most vital factors in our growth as Christians is how we approach the study of God’s Word. Following Brad’s easy-to-understand framework will help you find more enjoyment and glean more insight from your devotional time. After reading this manifesto, you’ll get fired up to open your Bible and dive in!”

 -Dave Wonders, Radio Personality and Editor of

“I see your heart for the importance of Scripture… May the Lord bless you continued work to encourage others to take in the Scriptures.”

-Roger Harned

BrendaMcGraw“I read The Scripture Reader’s Manifesto in one sitting. It was very easy to read. Brad takes you into the story of Saul’s conversion in the Bible and has you imagine what Saul must have felt like when loosing his sight. Brad has a desire to share God’s Word and wants you to understand how to apply it to your own life. Well done Brad!”

-Brenda McGraw, AskGodToday

“I have read the Bible a couple of times, but after reading The Scripture Readers Manifesto, I am really looking forward to the next time. I am going to really get into Gods  “stories” and put myself in the shoes of the “characters.” This book is going to help me in my journey with Christ and my understanding of Scripture. I recommend this book to believers and even non believers who want to understand the messages God has sent us via the Bible.”

-Michael Redmond

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If you’ve already read The Scripture Reader’s Manifesto, let me say thank you. This little book was a labor of love, and I’m honored that you took the time to read it. So… what did you think?

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Author’s Bio

Brad Andres is an author, blogger, & communicator. He is the author of two books, his latest being The Scripture Reader’s Manifesto. His next book to be released is entitled Shades of Grey: Living Biblically Between Black & White. You can find more information about Shades of Grey here. You can read his weekly articles, updates, and posts on his personal website at  You can also circle him on Google+, find him on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter.


Through the Mind, Into the Heart, Inside the Soul

Goal of Reading Scripture

Get Into the Story

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The Scripture Reader's Manifesto

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